Obsessing Over Internet Culture- Kirby

Some may argue there isn’t such thing as “internet culture” because it does not manifest itself in a physical place.  I beg to differ.  If you’ve ever seen a website like 9gag or reddit, you know that people all over the world come together and create things that already have established meanings.  Though I’m pretty much just talking about memes, I decided I wanted to create my own sort of internet culture.  I’m not sure what I’m going to call them yet, or what they even try to convey.  Here they are, modeled after the cute video game character Kirby, my internet.. things.

image courtesy of http://www.smashbros.com

Classic Kirbys:




Awesome Kirbys:

<(.-.)> upside down Kirby/space Kirby

\/(-_-)\/ asian tourist Kirby

–(0.o)–> arrow through head guy (not Kirby)

(O.O) alien Kirby

*<(o.o<) holding a star Kirby

|<(*.*<) really high looking at a joint Kirby

~(8-(|) <(*o*)> really high hallucinating sideways Homer Simpson Kirby

~(^-^)~ really happy Kirby/elated Kirby

~(^0^)~ “HOOPLA” Kirby*

~(-_-~) luau Kirby

<(‘_’)> loony buns Kirby

<(v_v)> sleeping Kirby

(c-_-)c pincers Kirby/lobster arms Kirby

<(       )> back side Kirby

s(-_-)s wearing fancy earrings Kirby

*<(-_-)>* holding two stars Kirby

<(o.o)> bold Kirby

m(0.o)m about to punch you with two fists Kirby

\m/(*-*)\m/ really high rockstar Kirby

$~(^-^~) happy just having sold his stars for money Kirby

*<(o_o) one armed holding a star Kirby

@@@):^))~*~*~*~*~******<(*.*<)*****~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ REALLY high Kirby

zzzzzzz <(v_v)> zzzzzz super sleepy Kirby

Definitely had to edit some of these, let’s just see where this whole thing goes and maybe I’ll add more later.

*Check this video out to get my reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PofM_EfBqtg

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March 1-9 Songs

Maybe the reason I like indie music is because I feel like it deserves more recognition than it deserves and I’m willing to give it that recognition.  Maybe it’s over said, but I’m also sick of all the mainstream artists.  I don’t exactly consider the following lyrics sung by Justin Bieber in his song, “Baby,” to be lyrically intriguing:

“When I was 13, I had my first love

There was nobody that compared to my baby

And nobody came between us who could ever come above

She had be going crazy, oh I was starstruck

She woke me up daily, don’t need no Starbucks”

With the added poppy beat in the background that is just generic enough that you can’t tell if you heard it on that new Katy Perry song that came out the other month, I can’t stand it.  Plus, the shameless product plug stuck in there doesn’t help.

On top of all this, it’s a much more economical decision to be a fan of indie artists (free downloads, wuzzup?!).  So here is a list of five indie songs, with free downloads, that far surpass all of the new poppy crap on the market today.  They might be my most played new songs for this past week or so, so they’re good stuff, I swear.

1. Generationals- Ten-Twenty-Ten (download)

2. The Mynabirds- Generals (download)

3. Tanlines- All of Me (download)

4. Kishi Bashi- Bright Whites (download)

5. Royal Headache- Girls (download)

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An Introduction…

Every time I leave Montreal, I have this inner monologue going with really bad jokes about the TV show Lost.  I always say/think, “WE HAVE TO LEAVE THE ISLAND, JACK!” and I respond/murmur, “We CAN’T leave the island, Lizzie.  It won’t let us leave the island.”  And I battle with myself all the way to the airport.  Who is Jack you ask? It’s usually the cab driver that I end up staring relentlessly at.  Finally, when I get to the airport, I pretend like I’ve died, since that is the only way you can get off the island.  I slowly pass the cab driver my money and slouch out of the cab like a zombie.

I proceed to go through checking in, security, and customs like a brainless corpse.  When I finally get on the plane, I put my pillow around my neck, my headphones on, and pass out because I always have terrible flight times.

I currently go to McGill University, a university in Montreal.  I moved here from California just this year and when I left, I realized how little my friends and I knew about Montreal.  Most of the stuff is like, “it helps to know French,” but I don’t know French, so  that didn’t help me.  The one that corresponds to this post is that Montreal is an island, like Manhattan, Hawaii, or the island from Lost.

Anyways, if you can imagine, the flight from Montreal to California is not ideal.  Also, the Montreal airport is about 20 minutes away.  Although there is definitely ways to entertain yourself for that long, I ended up finding a really weird way to do so.

So, as a disclaimer, I actually watched all seasons of Lost except for the last one (got too ridiculous for my taste), so I don’t exactly have all the facts right.

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My First Post!!

Hi!  I guess right now this is a blog post to no one, but maybe, someday, it will be someone, or lots of someones.  I am starting this blog on a whim, maybe it will improve my writing, help me gain popularity, inspire me to find a job similar to this, or just entertain me.

I don’t even know what I’m going to post on this.  Lots of ideas have passed through my mind: short stories, lists of music, and anecdotes from my life.  It just seems too hard to decide, so I think I’m going to do them all and, if I ever get people reading this, that they will help direct me in whatever path they enjoy most (just as long as I enjoy writing it too).  It’s funny that I expect people to read this, though I am currently in university, I don’t find myself to be particularly well educated or even interesting.  I would think you might find more interesting stuff on a more established blog, but hey, don’t leave if you’re already reading this.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but one of my friends once told me that I did enough quirky things to write a book.  So hopefully, if anyone is reading this, you can find something interesting to read on here and stick around!

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