An Introduction…

Every time I leave Montreal, I have this inner monologue going with really bad jokes about the TV show Lost.  I always say/think, “WE HAVE TO LEAVE THE ISLAND, JACK!” and I respond/murmur, “We CAN’T leave the island, Lizzie.  It won’t let us leave the island.”  And I battle with myself all the way to the airport.  Who is Jack you ask? It’s usually the cab driver that I end up staring relentlessly at.  Finally, when I get to the airport, I pretend like I’ve died, since that is the only way you can get off the island.  I slowly pass the cab driver my money and slouch out of the cab like a zombie.

I proceed to go through checking in, security, and customs like a brainless corpse.  When I finally get on the plane, I put my pillow around my neck, my headphones on, and pass out because I always have terrible flight times.

I currently go to McGill University, a university in Montreal.  I moved here from California just this year and when I left, I realized how little my friends and I knew about Montreal.  Most of the stuff is like, “it helps to know French,” but I don’t know French, so  that didn’t help me.  The one that corresponds to this post is that Montreal is an island, like Manhattan, Hawaii, or the island from Lost.

Anyways, if you can imagine, the flight from Montreal to California is not ideal.  Also, the Montreal airport is about 20 minutes away.  Although there is definitely ways to entertain yourself for that long, I ended up finding a really weird way to do so.

So, as a disclaimer, I actually watched all seasons of Lost except for the last one (got too ridiculous for my taste), so I don’t exactly have all the facts right.


About alteredconsciousness

History major/Italian studies minor, expat, studying at McGill University
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