My First Post!!

Hi!  I guess right now this is a blog post to no one, but maybe, someday, it will be someone, or lots of someones.  I am starting this blog on a whim, maybe it will improve my writing, help me gain popularity, inspire me to find a job similar to this, or just entertain me.

I don’t even know what I’m going to post on this.  Lots of ideas have passed through my mind: short stories, lists of music, and anecdotes from my life.  It just seems too hard to decide, so I think I’m going to do them all and, if I ever get people reading this, that they will help direct me in whatever path they enjoy most (just as long as I enjoy writing it too).  It’s funny that I expect people to read this, though I am currently in university, I don’t find myself to be particularly well educated or even interesting.  I would think you might find more interesting stuff on a more established blog, but hey, don’t leave if you’re already reading this.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but one of my friends once told me that I did enough quirky things to write a book.  So hopefully, if anyone is reading this, you can find something interesting to read on here and stick around!


About alteredconsciousness

History major/Italian studies minor, expat, studying at McGill University
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